4 Tips for Choosing Movie Making Software

With so many programs in the market today, choosing movie making software for your needs can be quite a task. The competition between manufacturers is so fierce that all of them seem to be playing catch-up with each other. Here are four tips on choosing which one is best for you.

1. Interface

Look for the interface that is simplest and easiest to use. However, most of the interfaces almost all look the same and complicated, so don’t dwell too much on them. As you get used to the controls and functions, you'll feel comfortable with them.

2. Video File Format Input

This is an important factor in choosing your software. The latest programs usually support multiple video file types. You must determine what type of files you will be working with and ensure your program can handle them.

3. Video Capture and Import

Like tip #2, the most up-to-date programs can support the file types that are taken by devices like camcorders and digital cameras. It is advisable, therefore, to choose software that has a comprehensive file input support.

4. Editing 

It would be difficult to find a movie editing program that does not “edit well.” However, since this is an important part of the movie making process, make sure the software you choose has full editing capabilities.