4 Programs for Making a Home Video

There are many different types of video making programs for both Macintosh and PC computers. While all of them can create movies, some are more popular or easier to use than others. Here is a short list of some of the more popular and user-friendly video making programs.

1. Microsoft Movie Maker

Microsoft Movie Maker is one of the best free programs for making videos. It comes installed on most computers running Windows XP or higher. It features easy to use drag and drop controls to edit and create movies. You can also find add-ons that work with it on Microsoft’s website.

2. Apple iMovie

If you have a Macintosh computer, this is the video making program for you. If you buy a new Mac, this program is free. It is similar to Microsoft Movie Maker in its use and controls.

3. Avid Free DV

This one works for both PC and Mac users and is also a free program. It has basic editing tools and a few real time features. It is not as easy to use as the previous two programs, but it is much more powerful and similar to the Avid full-featured video editing software programs.

4. Wax

Another great and also free video program is Wax. It is a great tool for both professionals and everyday editors. It can be used along with another program or by itself. Users can create as many video or soundtracks in their movies as they want or need.