4 Popular Features to Consider for a Cheap HD Video Camera

You can find many cheap HD video camera nowadays. More and more manufacturers are coming out with their own models and brands. Here are four popular features to consider when purchasing a cheap HD video camera:

1. Night Time Shooting

You need to consider all the environments you might be shooting in. Because some of the cheaper HD video cameras have poor ability at low light, this can become an issue. Check out all the different cameras to find one that fits all your needs.

2. Zoom

Zoom lenses are fine if they do not interfere with keeping the noise level on the camera down. Some of the cameras that go over 720 tend to have a high noise level when shooting videos.

3. Sound

Some of the cheap HD video cameras have a sound recording ability but some don’t. If they do, check if you can turn it off if you want; if there is a lot of wind when recording, it can cause a major problem when playing the recording back.

4. Hard Disk

Be aware of the size of the hard disk. Also, check whether it is removable and if you can get a bigger card reader for the camera. Some come with low memory and video takes up a huge amount of space. You don’t want to be downloading in the middle of the day if you are away from the pc. Always keep a few spare cards for your camera to avoid this.