4 Must Have Features When Buying a Used Digital Camcorder

Finding a digital camcorder can be an expensive venture, so knowing what features to look for in a used digital camcorder can be very valuable if you are low on cash and high on ambition. Here are some features that you need on a used digital camcorder:

1. Lenses

When looking for a good camera, the type of lens it has is a very important feature. Some lenses have optical zoom and some digital zoom, for instance, and the lens you pick determines what your camera can do. Optical is better because it lets you focus from further away than digital zoom does.

2. Lights

Lighting is extremely important on a camera, too. If you think you will ever be shooting in low light, you must buy a camera with a light. You can find some with an attached permanent light; others come with a way to attach lights you have to buy separately.

3. View Screens

Your camcorder should also have a view screen you are comfortable using and one that fits your eyes. Some have an LCD screen that shows you the view like a tiny television screen, while others just have the little view finder to shoot through. Be sure to find the kind that best fits your needs when you pick out your camcorder.

4. Microphone

The type of microphone on your camera is also important so you know what kind of sound quality your camera can record. There are several kinds, such as 12-bit or 16-bit microphones. Check that you camcorder has one to record sounds.