4 Must Have Accessories for Professional HD Camcorders

Professional HD camcorders may give you the best quality and output for your projects, but there are crucial add-ons you still must invest in. There are a number of accessories for your professional HD camcorders which can make your shooting set-ups easier and help make your audio and images better. Here are some of them:

1. Memory Card

HD cameras do away with tapes and stores data in memory cards. Because of this, it’s always advisable to have a few extra memory cards handy. You never know when you might need that extra space. It’s also wise to look into portable memory card drives, so you can quickly dump your data and free up some much-needed space if necessary.

2. Rack Mountable LCD Monitor

Most professional HD camcorders come with a built-in LCD screen. But often, these 2-inch panels are not enough to view an entire shot. An 8-inch LCD screen is very helpful for when you need to be meticulous with every single frame. Go for rack-mountable ones, meaning you can easily attach them to the camera for easier portability.

3. Litepanels

HD camcorders are meant for shooting with ample light. If you don’t have a good set-up and you simply need basic illumination, always bring a litepanel with you. These are different-sized panels lined with LED lights. These attach directly on your HD camcorder’s rack and are handy when you need an even light source. You can also detach this so you can control the light source.

4. Steadicam System

This is most advisable for when you have the need for a lot of dynamic shots. A steadicam system can simply be a glidetype that you mount your camera on or a support type that you can harness on your body. The glidetype allows for more flexibility in handheld shot, whereas the support is best for steadier shots. This accessory is crucial for smooth panning and tracking, for when you are shooting mostly handheld shots.