4 Features to Consider When Buying a USB Video Camera

There are many different USB video camera devices available in a variety of different forms. It's important to consider a few different features so that you can choose the best camera for you.

1. Webcam

The most simple type of USB video camera is a webcam. These are small devices which are plugged directly into your computer. They cannot be used without your computer and are normally used for Internet chats.

2. Storage

If you are buying a Flip or similar camera, then you will need to consider the storage. The amount of storage will limit the length of the video that you can record. The more space you have available, the longer you will be able to record in high quality resolution for.

3. Memory Expansion

Also consider the type of memory card that these USB video cameras accept. If there is no form of memory expansion, then this will limit the length of footage you can shoot. Most cameras support SD cards which are easy to buy and use.

4. Still Photos

Also consider the quality of the still images which can be taken with the USB video camera. Many cameras can shoot videos in high quality while taking poor quality still photos.

USB video cameras make it very easy to copy footage off your camera and store it on your computer.