4 Features & Benefits of the 2010 Top Rated HD Video Camcorder

Before taking the plunge to buy a 2010 top rated HD video camcorder, you must become informed on the features and benefits of these camcorders. There are four features and benefits that you should become familiar with before spending your money on such an item.

1. Price Tag

The first thing that you want to look at before purchasing a top rated HD video camcorder is its price tag. Obviously, you will not be interested in a product that is priced higher than you can afford to pay. However, $600 is a good price, as it will help you purchase an item that has some of the more advanced features found in 2010 top rated HD camcorders.

2. Size

These days, when you go searching for HD camcorders, you will find that most people are opting for the small pocket sized camcorders. These are compact and very user friendly, and it is easy to transfer videos to a computer and to the Web. They cost less, but poor lenses are a problem (which is why you may want to pick a full featured camcorder).

3. Resolution/Media Format

High end HD camcorders offer better resolution as they are available with wide screen videos that go well with HD viewing. You will also want to pick a HD camcorder that offers features such as flash memory cards and built-in flash memory.

4. Optical Zoom

Also, look for a top rated HD camcorder that offers excellent optical zoom, which should be in the range of 48x. If you are going to go for a camcorder with optical zoom, you need to make sure that it has integrated image stabilization too.