3 Top Rated Hard Drive Video Camera of 2010

A hard drive video camera has an advantage over a camera that uses film or video tape since there is nothing to buy or lose when you take movies of your favorite scene. If you are thinking of buying one, here is a list of some of the top rated from 2010.

1. Panasonic SDR H200

This 5-star rated hard drive video camera got high marks for its long recording times, superb imagery capabilities and high-end technological features. It features standard definition, a 30 Gig hard drive to hold your movies, expansion slot for up to a 4 Gig memory card for still photography, digital zoom and both manual and auto capability.

2. Sony Handicam DCR SR87

This light weight hard drive video camera features a large 80 Gig hard drive to hold more than 27 hours of footage and the capability to house a 16 Gig memory card for still photography. It features a USB input and a direct burn to disc one button feature to get your movie right to DVD for viewing.

3. JVC Everio GZ-MG680

This hard drive video camera can last more than 28 hours on its battery and 120 Gig of hard drive space. It can hold up to 56 hours of footage and use up to a 32 Gig memory card for still photos. It has a 35x optical zoom, image stabilization, auto illuminating video lighting and one touch export features.