3 Tips Every Film Producer Should Know

Every film producer, whether commercial or independent, will be faced with a lot of challenges both interpersonal and technical. In order to survive the grueling yet exciting world of film production, there are several things that producers will always have to keep in mind – especially when it comes to technical know-how in working a camera.

Here are some vital tips when it comes to handling your professional equipment:

1. Improv Is Key

No matter if you’re a commercial or independent producer, you will always have a run-in with your budget. Even multi-million dollar movies will feel that their budget is not enough. In order to produce high quality material given your constraints, you will have to improvise. Perhaps you don’t really need a dolly and tracks, but you can work with a wheeled chair. Maybe instead of shooting a night as day scene with powerful lights, it will be more cost-effective to either change the setting or change the schedule. A good producer is flexible and can make quick decisions.

2. Work with Lenses

Different lenses can achieve different types of effects. Sometimes, these lenses can save your production and your budget. For instance, instead of color-grading during post-production, your vision might be achieved with a few colored filters and polarizing lenses. You might be able to use specialized focus lenses for your dreamy effect, or a wide angle lens may be just the thing to complete your establishing shot. It’s best to get the shot you want right away, rather than depending too much on the post-production process.

3. Always Use White Balance

A wrong white balance setting can even spell out a dreaded reshoot. Tinker with your white balance settings because you might also be able to save costs on lighting and gels by simply adjusting this. You can come up with a cool bluish look, or warm it up simply by setting this function right.