3 Respected Websites for Video Camera Information

Browsing for video camera information can be a headache if you don’t know where to look. The Internet has made information easily available, but there’s just too much of it. To help you sort through the mess, here are a few respected websites.

1. Tom’s Hardware

Founded in 1996, this site is one of the oldest and most respected authorities on the web. It not only covers video cameras, but a lot of other accessories and hardware. The website has received numerous awards and is widely regarded as one of the best and unbiased sources of information. The site provides comparison charts, benchmark testing and always has access to the latest models. The website attracts millions of visitors daily.

2. CNet

CNet is an extremely popular and respected website that has a ton of information on video cameras. One of the biggest differences between CNet and other websites is the ability to sort out camera by price, manufacturer or even zoom level. They have weekly reviews on the newest products on the market and they allow users to post reviews of their own. They also provide guides to choosing the right video camera and a step-by-step camcorder finder which is great for beginners. Like Tom’s Hardware, the website has received numerous awards for media innovation and attracts millions of visitors on a daily basis.

3. CamcorderInfo

Camcorder info is a less known, but very respected, website on video camera information that has been around since 1997. Each of their reviews provide a point analysis that focuses on video performance, level of light performance, ease of handling and a few other important features. The site has received admiration from publications like the New York Times and is the number one place online for video camera information.