3 Popular Websites for Discounted Mini DV Tapes

Mini DV tapes are available on a number of websites at discounted prices. They can be bought both individually as well as in packs. Most often it pays to purchase them in a pack, as the shipping and handling gets included when you pay over a certain price. Some of the places where you can find discounted mini DV tapes are listed below.

1. Tapestockonline.com

This is a key supplier of mini tapes. You can buy them here starting from $1.99 for a mini Sony tape of 60 minutes.

2. Edgewise-media.com

Based in Orange County, Burbank, New York and in Salt Lake City, Edgewise has a range of mini DV tapes for you. The prices range from a single tape at $5.95 to 100 tapes for $217.99. They appear to have a complete range of tapes for all your needs.

3. Tapeonline.com

Tapesonline seem to have a comprehensive list of tapes available, priced from $2.20 upwards in all brands. They also have a range of professional tapes for DV minis in the Digital Master range.

All three of the above suppliers have a wide range of mini DV tapes available for you to purchase and use with your camcorder.