3 Popular Professional Digital Camcorders for Low Budget Productions

Professional digital camcorders that are available today cover a fairly high end market range, and they provide a huge amount of gadgets and features. Here are three professional digital camcorders you can use for low budget productions:

1. Sony NEX-VG10

This is a professional camcorder with an interchangeable lens, which is a first for a camcorder. The difference between this and an ordinary camcorder is nothing short of extraordinary, as can be seen by the huge difference in the output. The sensor values on this camcorder really make it something special. With a price ranging between $1,600 and $2,000, this is a winning camcorder.

2. Panasonic’s HDC-TM700

This camcorder uses a VCHD video format and is Panasonic’s main offering to the pro market. It has an internal memory chip of 32 GB and a little 3 inch screen with an LCD display. The optical zoom is stabilized and can zoom up to 12 times. It is realistically priced at $999, which is considerably cheaper than the Sony even though the lenses aren’t interchangeable.

3. Canon's Vixia HF21

Canon’s Vixia comes equipped with 64 GB of memory, and the LCD touch screen is slightly larger than that of the Panasonic. The zoom ratio is slightly lower at 10 times, but it also is equipped with auto focus. It gives you a very good focus and end shot. Priced at $1,400, this is a popular professional digital camcorder.