3 Fun Tricks for Your Video Camcorder

If you have just gotten a new video camcorder then you might want to find out about some of the exciting tricks that you can use. These tricks can help you to get the most out of your camcorder so that you can capture some fantastic videos.

1. Capturing 30 Still Photos

Video is made up of 30 still frames per second. This means that your video camcorder is recording 30 individual pictures every second. It's possible to look at these and use them as still photos. This means that you will be able to get lots of still photographs to choose from.

2. Speeding up Footage

You can use a normal camcorder to capture video at normal speed. Then it is possible to use computer video editing software to speed up the footage. This creates an interesting result which can be very unique.

3. Time Lapse Animation

You can use a regular video camcorder to make stop frame animation very easy. It's possible to point the camera at a canvas and have an artist draw or paint while you are recording. You should use a tripod to do this to ensure the camera stays level.

You can also animate models made out of Plasticine. You will then be able to use computer software to make the animation look as smooth as possible.