3 Features to Consider When Buying a Night Vision Video Camera

A night vision video camera can be a lot of fun and is quite useful as well. Here are a few features you can check for before buying this type of camera.

1. Infrared Vision

One of the features you need to look at is the distance the infrared vision extends for, allowing the camera to capture images. When you are capturing images, you sometimes need to be a fair distance away; the ability to have a longer range can be important.

2. Lens

Check if the camera shoots in color or only monochrome. The type of lens installed in the camera is always important. Notice who the lens maker is. Many of the cameras use outside lens makers like Carl Zeiss, which is an added plus. Of course, if the camera can convert into a day time video camera, that gives it a dual purpose and makes it all the more desirable.

3. Focus

Manual focus is available on these types of cameras and some also have auto focus. Trying to set up focus in the dark isn’t something easy to do. For the movie making novice, the auto focus function is a good idea, especially with a night vision video camera.