3 Benefits of the Mini DV format over Full Size DVCAM

Full size DVCAM was developed to be the digital video choice for professionals and yet mini dv has become a much more popular format. The reason for this is because mini dv has a lot of benefits over DVCAM and here are three of them.


One huge advantage that mini DV has over DVCAM is that their tapes are sold in a lot more places. You could buy mini DV tapes in your local drug store. This can be very helpful when you're working on a last minute shoot or if you're on location and are running out of tapes.

Playing Back Tapes

It's often a good idea to have a separate video player to play back your shot tapes instead of using your camera so that you do not wear out the video heads. A DVCAM player can cost a few hundred dollars or more to purchase whereas with mini DV you can just buy a cheap camcorder for less than $200 to do the job.

Works with Prosumer Cameras

The cameras that handle DVCAM are very expensive to own and rent whereas you can get a really great prosumer camera that can shoot mini DV. These cameras can employ interchangeable lenses which means you can utilize depth of field so you won't have a flat video look.