3 Advantages of Small Video Cameras

There are many reasons why people might want to buy small video cameras rather than larger models. It's important to consider these advantages so that you can decide whether or not these cameras will satisfy your needs.

1. Portable

The most obvious and best feature of these small video cameras is that they are portable. This makes it very easy to take them anywhere you go. These cameras are so small that they can be packed away and slipped into your pocket.

2. Memory Cards

All of the small video cameras will record directly onto SD memory cards. This means that it is much easier to copy the videos onto your computer and edit them. These memory cards are much better and easier to use than a DV tape or even a mini DVD. They can also be played back on some televisions and DVD players.

3. LCD Screen

These small video cameras have built in LCD screens which fold against the body of the camera. This ensures that the screen is protected while it is in your pocket. The screen can be folded out to position the camera correctly and also review the videos and still photos.

If you want to carry a camera with you, then these small video cameras will be useful.