2 Movie Making Programs for Beginners

Movie making programs for your computer make it possible to turn your raw footage into a polished movie. Editing is a craft in itself and is often considered one of the most important ones in filmmaking. That being said, it can be a little intimidating for beginners. Fortunately, there are two easy-to-use programs to help you get acquainted with the process. 

1. Windows Movie Maker

If you're brand new to filmmaking and have a windows based computer, then you can try out Windows Movie Maker. It's a very basic program that allows you to edit simple videos. While some might find it limiting in what it can do, it is important to master the basic stuff before you advance your skills.

2. Pinnacle Studio

Once you get your feet wet with Windows Movie Maker and crave more editing options, you should move on to Pinnacle Studio. It's another easy-to-use editing program that simplifies the process while allowing you a lot of different creative options. With Pinnacle, you will be able to make simple yet entertaining projects. And once you master Pinnacle, you can congratulate yourself because you are no longer a beginner.