Underwater Digital Camera: What is Depth Rating?

If you have an underwater digital camera, then depth rating is a term you should become familiar with. A depth rating determines how much water pressure the camera can tolerate before it breaks. Although water might be easy for a swimmer to pass through, it still has weight and the deeper you dive, the more you feel the effects of that weight. This is what we refer to as water pressure.

Understanding Depth Rating

Because the pressure increases in relation to your depth increasing, there is only a certain point where the depth becomes too powerful. The pressure can cause the water proof casing to crack. The rest of the damage is done when water meets the electronics.

Water depth ratings vary from camera to camera. A consumer water proof camera might only be able to go down to ten feet, while a high quality water proof casing for a camera can bring you to depths of up to 200 feet. The most important factor that goes into how deep the camera can go is what material the housing is made out of. Poly carbonate is a popular choice because it can withstand a lot of water pressure and will not rust or corrode, even if it's used constantly in salt water.

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