The Best Camcorders for Still Pictures

Many of the camcorders currently available on the market have the ability to take still pictures in addition to recording video. So with that in mind, who wouldn't want to get the most bang for their buck and have a product that can perform both functions? However, a lot of the still cameras in most camcorders are not as good quality wise as the point and shoots you can buy in most stores because they're lacking in the mega pixel department. So how do you know what's the best to buy? We're going to help you out.

What to Check for

Generally, a good camcorder can be a good stills camera but there are requirements that it needs to meet. You must have a quality lens, like a Carl Zeiss. Auto focus is good to have along with image stabilization. After all, a camera that's not shaking all over the place means you're shot won't be blurry. Also, scene modes are always a plus to have.

The image sensor is also very important. The saying goes the larger the better. But if you're buying a good camcorder then you won't have to worry too much in that department because your sensor is being shared by both functions.

Who Makes the Best?

It's a toss up to say who makes the best camcorder for still pictures. The technology is constantly changing and is becoming more and more advanced to the point where there are a lot of camcorders out there that can shoot full HD video while being able to take still photos of 8 mega pixels or greater. Some can even do 10, which is the same as a bottom line digital SLR.

The two companies in the lead for camcorder / still camera hybrids are Canon and Sony.

The Canon VIXIA HFS 10 features HD video recording with a 8 mega pixel still camera. It also offers the user the option to take still pictures while recording video at 6 mega pixels. This camcorder also features a built in flash and scene modes as well as a lot of manual exposure and focus controls. If you are looking for a hybrid then you've found it with this camcorder.

Sony's leading the way with it's HDR SR 12. This camcorder shoots HD and the stills camera is capable of 10 mega pixels. This camcorder features a ton of manual controls along with a built in flash and Carl Zeiss lens.

You might want to consider buying a Canon SLR stills camera. Both the 5D and 7D are capable of shooting high quality HD video and are being employed by the motion picture industry. They're a lot cheaper than a professional camcorder.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: