Should You Buy a Used Digital Camera?

A digital camera can be expensive to buy brand new. Depending on the camera and its condition, it might be worth it to buy a good used one if the opportunity arises. 

Where to Buy

A good deal does not come everyday. If you want to buy a great used camera that is going to last for years without problems, then you need to do a lot of research. Ebay offers a lot of opportunities for people to buy and sell used things for good deals. Since it's Internet based, people from across the country can buy and sell with each other and location is no longer an obstacle. Sellers are rated by people who have bought from them, with one hundred percent being the highest score. But, that's the only credibility you have to go with if buying their camera. Because of the distance, you can't go and check out the merchandise before making an offer.

Newspaper classifieds, Craigslist and photography stores that sell used cameras and equipment are better because you can see and hold the items before deciding to buy them. Buying from a private seller you met through the classifieds can lead to getting a great deal on the camera. But, it's a deal where all sales are final. There are no returns or warranties. If that camera breaks the next day, you are stuck with it.

Buying a used camera from a photography store might land you some kind of warranty/return policy. You also have the comfort of knowing that a professional has approved of this used camera. But, you're going to pay the most for it here. After all, these people are businessmen and they're buying cameras from the guys in the classifieds that you've been talking to and then resell them for a profit.  

Comparing Costs

You should research any big purchase you're planning to make, but finding a great deal on a used camera takes extra research. You have to search classifieds and you need to go in person to inspect the cameras. All of this takes a good deal of time. In addition to this time, you need to analyze two important factors to see if you should buy a used camera. Is the cost worth it and what's the difference between the old and newest model?

Are you saving a ton of money going used or is it only one hundred bucks? Considering that a used camera is not backed by a manufacturers warranty or an additional warranty, it may not be worth it in the long run--especially if something breaks. You could end up spending more to buy and fix a used camera and fix it than just buying a new one.

Also, technology plays a huge part in buying used or new. It's great that this guy is selling his used camera that he barely touched for a couple hundred bucks less than the new one in the store, but the new one can shoot true HD video and his can't. Doesn't a great feature like that make buying a new one the better option?

In the end, every used camera deal is different. You might find a great deal or you might find that it does not cost much more to buy new with more benefits. The decision is yours!

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