Should You Buy a Used Digital Camcorder?

Many people have wondered whether it's a good idea to buy a used digital camcorder. Used digital camcorders should be much cheaper than a new video camera. It should also be possible to buy a higher range camera for a cheaper price. If you are considering buying a second hand camcorder then there are a few things that you need to bear in mind.


Used camcorders will probably not be as good as a brand new camcorder. Take a look at the condition of the used digital camcorder when deciding whether to buy. If possible buy from a well-known camera store rather than buying on the Internet. This will make it much easier if you have any problems with it.

A good clean will improve the look of any digital camcorder. However, any scratches in the plastic will always affect the look of your camcorder.

Checking the Screen

One of the most susceptible parts of a digital camcorder is the screen. The digital screen folds out from the body of the camcorder and allows you to look at what you are recording. It also makes it possible to replay the recorded footage to check what it will look like.

If the screen is damaged or cracked then it will be very expensive to correct. Always check that the screen works and folds out properly. Also check that it rotates so that you can watch yourself while recording.

Checking the Camcorder Functions

The most vital thing to do is turn the camcorder on and check that it works properly. Try switching it on and recording a short video. Then make sure that you will be able to play back the video and check that everything works properly.

Checking the Storage

Digital camcorders use a number of different ways to store the videos. Normally this will be a type of removable storage such as DVD or MiniDV tape. Take a look at whether the tape or DVD draw opens and isn't jammed. If you're using a Hard drive based digital camcorder then check that the hard drive is still working and able to store video.


Your digital camcorder will use batteries to provide enough power for it to work. Over time the batteries can wear which makes it harder for them to hold a charge. If the battery is unable to hold a long charge then it might need to be replaced. If you do need to replace it then this will cost money so try to get a discount in the price you pay.


The accessories that come with camcorders when it is new often get mislaid. This normally isn't an issue as long as you have the main accessories. Check that you have the charger and leads to connect it up to the computer. If you don't have any accessories then the price should be much lower.

Whether you want to buy a used digital camcorder is up to you. As long as you are careful it can be a great way to choose a better camcorder for less money. Just check that you're not buying into trouble.

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