Selling Photos Online: Marketing Strategies

If you have your own photography business selling photos online, the key to success can often be the marketing. Whether you specialize in school portraits, weddings, or commercial photography you can not get very far without being able to let people know about your service.

Materials Needed

  • Computer
  • Digital Camera
  • Internet Connection

Step 1 - Work for Referrals

The single most important marketing device is one that does not cost you a thing, word of mouth. People will rarely go to the yellow pages to find a photographer. The very personal and intimate nature of the ceremonies people want to have photographed lead people to use someone they can trust. Trust comes more from the referral of a good friend rather than a typical expensive ad in the paper.

While you will want to avoid pestering your clients for referrals there are many ways to encourage them. If you do family portraits you can let them know that they can visit your website for the next few weeks to view the photos. If they have family and friends that want to see the photos they will go to the website as well. Getting people to visit your website is part of the challenge. From there you just need to make sure you have an easy to find link for visitors to click on if they want to have portraits done themselves.

Step 2 - Coupons and Incentives

People love bargains. Even if it is just a small percentage off the total price, people are much more likely to go somewhere when they think they are getting a good deal. When you do a job for someone, give them some referral coupons to pass out to their friends and families. If you do not want to worry about paper coupons that can be easily lost you can go with an online code. Tell them to use a certain code when they go online and they can use it for friends and family for a certain amount of time. This simply gives your customers even more of a reason to recommend you to people they know for photography work.

Step 3 - Offer Something Unique

Many times it can seem like every wedding album you look at is exactly the same. People remember the unique or different pictures far more than the standards. Experiment with different types of shots and filters you can apply to give your pictures a unique edge over the competition. Always remember to take the traditional shots as well. Not everyone will want something abstract so be sure to offer the old reliable options as well to suite different tastes. If you are not good with digital editing, you can also consider different options like posters, t-shirts, or canvas paintings in additional to regular photos.

Step 4- Understanding Copyrights

As soon as you snap a photo you own the rights to it. In a world where you can get a global audience, it's important to remind those perusing you photos that the images are owned by you. You could use a watermark to include the copyright symbol (©), add the year the photo was taken, and the name of your photography business. This will help protect the photos until they have sold.

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