Selling Photos Online: Building a Website

Anyone who takes photos will be looking for a way of selling photos online. There are actually many different strategies for selling photos, but using the Internet provides some of the easiest and most effective methods. Building your own website is one of the options that allows you the most control of your sales.

Building your own web site is actually very simple. Learning HTML is no longer required, because WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors are now very powerful and effective. You will be able to easily build a web site to sell your photos and even set it up to accept money.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Computer
  • Web site Editor
  • PayPal Account

Step 1 - Building Your Website

You first need to spend time building your web site, you can either do this by learning HTML or  the easier route: using a WYSIWYG web site editor. These editors resemble desktop publishing applications and allow you to type directly onto the web page. Many of these come with templates already built in. These templates will make it easy to build a fantastic web site.

Some of the most common WYSIWYG web editing packages include Microsoft FrontPage and Dreamweaver. It's also possible to use an online Content Management System (CMS) such as Drupal or Joomla to design your page if you prefer.

Step 2 - Choosing a Domain Name

The domain name is the web address that you will give out to people who want to access your site. You need to register a domain name with one of the many domain name registrars. Try to choose something short and easily memorable.

Step 3 - Hosting

As well as a domain name you will also need hosting. Hosting is disk space where your site will be stored make sure that you have enough space to store your whole site. You must also check the bandwidth allowance of the hosting account. The bandwidth is the amount of data you can send or receive from your site. The more people that visit your site the bigger the bandwidth you will need.

Step 4 - Uploading Your Website

Once you have designed your website and included lots of your photos it's then time to upload it. To upload your website you will need to find out the FTP server address of your web host. Windows Explorer is capable of uploading to FTP servers however it will be much easier if you use a dedicated FTP client.

Step 5 - Accepting Payments

In order to accept payments on the Internet you have a couple of different options, you can either register for your own merchant account with a bank, or you can make life easier by signing up for a PayPal account. PayPal is a very easy payment processing company which allows you to easily accept payments on the Internet by placing buttons on your site. Register for a PayPal account and then visit the site and use the button wizard.

You will be able to create buttons for any value or product very easily. The code for these buttons can then be copied and pasted into the web site HTML code to create the clickable payment button.

Step 6 - Marketing Your Site

It's important to market your site because otherwise nobody will know that it exists. You need to use search engine marketing techniques to get the word out there about your site. You might also want to use advertisements on the leading search engines, these are an affordable way of promoting your site.

Step 7 - Dealing with Orders

When anyone orders one of your photos you will simply need to email them a copy of the photo without a watermark on it. You might also choose to send them a physical copy of the photo by putting it on a CD or printing it off.

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