Pinnacle Studio vs Final Cut Pro

Pinnacle Studio and Final Cut Pro are both programs used in video editing. Features are varied, making each more suitable for a particular type of consumer.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a computer program used by first time video editors or novices. The simple user interface allows first time users to edit their videos and include effects and transitions even without any prior formal training. The interface is fixed although it does allow the various windows to be resized for the user's added convenience.

There are three programs under the Pinnacle Studio name. These include the Pinnacle Studio HD, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate and the Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Plus.

When the program is launched, consumers will see three major areas. There is the default set of menus including File, Edit, View and others located at the top part. The menus list all of the commands and features used in the program, some of which do not have a shortcut. In all three versions of the program, there is another set of tabs located under the menus, namely the 'Capture,' the 'Edit' and 'Make Movie' tabs. The 'Capture' tab imports the media from external sources such the video camera. Next is the 'Edit' tab where consumers do the trimming and editing. 'Make Movie' is the last tab which exports the finished video into other video formats for burning to a disc, playing on the computer screen or online.

The 'Edit' tab is where the bulk of the features and work go. When it is clicked, the work screen is split into three distinct areas. On the left side is the list of media for use with the project. A row of editing tools can be found in this part of the screen as well. At the right is a single large screen which has play, rewind, forward and volume buttons. This shows the edited video. Located below is the 'Timeline,' which has a track for video with audio, an overlay with audio, title or text track, a narration track and a separate audio track.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is produced by Apple Inc. for professional video editors. In comparison with Pinnacle Studio, the software has more features and functions. The interface is more complicated which requires a longer time to learn.

Consumers who open the program for the first time may get overwhelmed. There are numerous windows open including a Viewer, Timeline and a file Browser. These can be resized to suit the editor's needs and preferences. The program is complex but powerful, allowing the user to edit the video or audio in a more controlled manner. In comparison with Pinnacle Studio, there are less fancy transitions and effects. An experienced editor will be able to recreate this manually using Final Cut Pro. Some basic transitions include ripple, slip, slide, roll, scrub, razor as well as a number of filters for both video and audio formats.

Users who are looking to learn editing quickly are advised to consider the features of Pinnacle Studio. For more complex video projects, there is Final Cut Pro.

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