Pinnacle Studio vs. Adobe Premiere

Among the brands currently available on the market, Pinnacle Studio and Adobe Premiere are some of the more renowned brands of video editing tools. Each has its own set of advantages to fit specific types of users.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a standalone program used in non-linear editing for video. It is one of several software applications produced by Avid Technology, Inc. It is a consumer-level product which allows users to create their own video as well as burn their video creation into a VCD or DVD format without the need to acquire or purchase additional software. The software is available on its own or can sometimes be found packaged with devices used to capture video.

There are three versions of the program known as HD, Studio Plus and the Ultimate. The Studio or HD editions are the most basic of the three. The more advanced versions have additional features such as Overlay, Chroma Key, Picture in Picture and A-B Edits. Pinnacle Studio only has one video track while the more advanced versions have two, one title track, one music track and one for narration. Beginning with the release of Studio 14 in 2009, Pinnacle Studio is now referred to as Studio HD, Studio Plus as Studio HD Ultimate and Ultimate as Studio HD Ultimate Collection.

The new Pinnacle Studio HD or Studio 14 has additional functions that allow for HD editing, straight export to wide screen as well as both stop-motion and fast-motion effects. Another new feature includes stabilizing shaky video footage, using the same technology as those in major film productions.

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is a video editing program commonly used by professional video editing companies. Its strengths include providing real-time editing using a timeline capable of adding an unlimited number of tracks. There are three video and audio tracks when the program is first opened. Media imported for use with a project can be arranged into various folders or bins.

The program is one of the standard video editing tools used in the film and television industry. Premiere Pro is used for shows like The Tonight Show and BBC, films such as Superman Returns and even events like Madonna's set of concerts known as the Confession's Tour.

It can be purchased on its own or packaged with other programs under the Adobe Creative Suite. The program works well with other Adobe products such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Soundbooth and Adobe Bridge.

Although still a standalone program, Adobe Premiere supports plug-ins to add more functions to the program. There are plug-ins which can add file formats supported by the program, speed up processes or add more video and audio effects.

In 2003, Adobe Premiere has been replaced with Adobe Premiere Pro but with more advanced features. The earlier versions of Adobe Premiere only supported Windows while Premiere Pro CS3 and succeeding versions support Intel-based Macs. The software supports a variety of file formats for video and audio used on either Windows or Mac operating systems. Released in 2010, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 introduced the Mercury Playback Engine which allows even the largest of files to open much quicker and a smoother experience in real-time video editing.

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