Movie Making Starter Kit: Features of Best Kids Video Camera

Videography is a great hobby for your children to get into. But what features should you look for in a kids video camera? You definitely want something that is small and lightweight, and does a lot of things automatically.

Small and Light Weight

Kids are small and not as strong as adults. If you want them to enjoy videography, then you should get them a small and lightweight camera that they can use for a couple of hours. You don't want them to stop shooting because it feels like a workout every time they do it. Also, getting a lightweight camera will help prevent them from dropping it when they're done getting their shots. Finally, smaller video cameras tend to be the least expensive ones, so if an accident does happen, it won't be a huge financial loss. 

Automatic Features

Focus and exposures are science related. You want to get a video camera that does these things automatically so that you're kids get used to enjoying their new hobby instead of being frustrated. If they really enjoy what they're doing, then they will let you know when they're ready to upgrade to a more advanced camera to further what they're doing.

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