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Buying a Camera on Ebay? How to Avoid Scams

These days most people shop online because they find it very convenient. EBay is the world's largest online marketplace for hard-to find items, bargains, and rare, brand new or used items. Because of the huge...[more]

Buying a Digital Camera: Tripod Socket

When buying a digital camera, there are a number of different things that you will need to consider; one of these is the tripod socket. Tripod sockets aren't available on all digital cameras. This means...[more]

Things to Keep in Mind when Buying an SLR Camera

When shopping around for a SLR Camera, it is easy to become overly hung up on brand names. For instance, Canon and Nikon seem to be the strongest brands in the camera market overall. A single...[more]

Buying Camera Package Deals: What to Keep in Mind

A digital camera package can be a great way to purchase a new digital camera and lots of accessories at the same time. These are actually available at a significant discount compared to purchasing all of...[more]

Buying a Digital Camera: The Flash Memory Card

Purchasing a digital camera can be complicated because there are so many things that you must consider, one of which is the flash memory card. The memory card is a small computer disk where all...[more]

Buying a Canon Powershot Digital Camera: Different Models

A Canon Powershot digital camera is one of the most popular models of digital cameras available. This is probably because all Powershot models have an excellent reputation for quality and features. There are several different...[more]

How to Purchase an Additional Flash Memory Card

Digital cameras use a flash memory card instead of a film to store the photos you take. Anybody who loves photography will need to have a number of different memory cards so they have enough...[more]

Do's and Don’t's of Underwater Digital Camera

Before purchasing an underwater digital camera, you need to follow some do's and don'ts which can make your photography experience very fruitful.DoDetermine your Requirements: The needs of a professional underwater photographer differ vastly from those of a...[more]

Underwater Digital Camera: What is Depth Rating?

If you have an underwater digital camera, then depth rating is a term you should become familiar with. A depth rating determines how much water pressure the camera can tolerate before it breaks. Although water might...[more]

Avoiding Scams When You Buy Cameras Online

When transacting online, one must be wary of scams. Let us break down the online business world into three marketplaces, and consider each in the context of scam avoidance. Auction Sites Internet auction sites, such...[more]

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