How To Buy Wildlife Stock Photography

Everyone loves pictures of wildlife, and therefore may want to buy wildlife stock photography. It's so exotic and is definitely not something most of us see everyday. Because you need to travel far and look hard to photograph rare animals, not everyone can go out and shoot their own pictures. So, what happens when you're designing something like a brochure and want to use a picture of an animal you can't photography? You buy wildlife stock photography, and here's how:

The Internet

The internet has revolutionized the stock photography business. In the old days, you needed to travel from shop to shop browsing through libraries and when you finally found the photo you wanted after hours of labor, it was expensive to buy.

Now, you don't have to go outside to find it. There are thousands of websites that sell stock photography and hundreds alone that specialize in wildlife and nature. There are a number of factors that influence the pricing, the largest being, what you are using it for. If it's for profit, then they're going to charge you more than they do for non-profit use. Also, the specific way the image will be used affects pricing. Resolution is also a factor.

How to Pay

Once you give them all the information, they'll give you a price quote. If you think this is reasonable, then you will pay via credit card. Once the payment is processed, you'll either be e-mailed the image, or they'll set you up with an account. The account will have a user name and password that is needed to log into the site. Once you're in, the downloading process can begin.

Shop Around

Because there is so much selection on the web, and because you're paying for the right to use these images, you should shop around and not settle until you find the picture perfect for your needs. A simple google search of "Wildlife stock photography" yields a ton of results. These are reputable websites with a lot to choose from. Spend your money wisely.


If money is a problem for you and you don't want to violate anyone's intellectual property, then you might find great images on Flickr. Some users are nice and upload their images under creative common licenses. They allow users to repost their images as long as proper credit is given. Some licenses get a little more complicated and restrict altering the image and using the image for commercial use.

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