Four Uses for Your Old Digital Camcorder

So you finally got the new digital camcorder you wanted and it's beyond your expectations. Your old camcorder is now officially outdated and is a thing of the past. While you can't immediately think of any purpose for it, you should still keep it for now because here are four uses for it.

1. Use it for Playback

With most camcorders being tapeless nowadays, odds are pretty good that your new camcorder is working on memory cards. If your old camcorder is mini DV then keep it. You never know when you may have to go through your old tapes again. Without something to play them back on those tapes are essentially worthless. Keep the old camcorder so that you have something to play them back on.

2. Use it For B-Roll

If you're filming an event then you might want to consider placing the old camcorder on a tripod and let it run while you go off shooting with the new one. This might get you some very interesting shots or at the very least you can speed the footage up in an editing program and get a great time lapse effect. 

Because the mini DV tape probably won't be up to the same quality as your new camera you can freely add effects to this footage to make it appear more different.

3. Sell it

Depending on the camcorder it might be worth some money. 3 CCD camcorders like the Cannon XL-1 might be old, but they can still fetch you some cash. You could use that money to get accessories for your new camera. You might even have some cash left over to get the cheapest mini DV camcorder possible so that way you can play back your old tapes if the need to ever comes up.

4. Give it Away

If you have a low end camera then you might want to consider giving it away to a charity. You can write the value of the camera off of your taxes and who knows? Maybe the next person to find it could go on to become the greatest director of his generation and his career begins with your camera.

If you're camera is worth a little money then maybe there is a younger relative in your family who has an interest in film and video. Help them nurse this interest with a great camcorder that they can go out and shoot with. Your old camcorder that you no longer need might have a big influence in their lives.

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