Buying a Digital Camera: The Flash Memory Card

Purchasing a digital camera can be complicated because there are so many things that you must consider, one of which is the flash memory card. The memory card is a small computer disk where all of your photos will be stored. When you're buying a digital camera, you must think about the type of memory card used and the card it comes bundled with.

You will probably need more than one card so that you will be able to use one card while you are copying the photos off the other.

Internal Memory

Some models of digital cameras feature internal memory; this means that you don't need to use any memory cards. Memory cards can often be added at a later date to expand the storage space available on your camera. The internal memory is normally very small and it won't be able to store huge amounts of photos.

Remember if you are storing photos on the internal memory of your camera, then you will need to download these using a USB lead rather than a card reader.

Type of Memory Card

You should also consider the type of memory card that the camera supports. SD cards are some of the most common and most affordable types of cards. Certain brands of camera use their own types of memory card. Sony almost always uses Memory Stick memory cards, and Fuji regularly uses XD cards.

Many DSLR cameras use Compact Flash cards which are often cheaper than SD for larger capacities. SD is one of the most common types of memory card for use in compact cameras. By finding out which type of memory card your camera uses, you can make sure that you will buy the correct type of memory card when you buy additional cards.

Does It Come with a Memory Card?

Some digital cameras come with a free memory card in the box so that you can use the camera straight away. This card is normally very small and can be as small as 16MB depending on the manufacturer. This is designed more as a way to test the camera rather than being a useful memory card for everyday use.

Bundled Package Deals with Memory Card

Most people will want to start using their digital camera the moment they buy it. This is why bundles are so popular; a bundle will normally consist of a digital camera and a memory card. When buying a memory card at the same time as a camera, it should be possible to get a reasonable discount.

If you are buying a bundle consisting of a memory card and a digital camera, then you must ensure that the card is big enough for your requirements. Sometimes stores will use bundles as a way to offload the small memory cards which they can't sell anymore. Few people will ever buy a 256MB memory card anymore, and that's why some stores will offer them in bundles.

There's no point paying extra for something that you don't really want. It's essential that you spend time choosing a deal which you will really be happy with.

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