Buying a Digital Camcorder for Kids

When buying a digital camcorder for kids you need to accept two facts. The first is that kids generally don't take care of things like adults do. The second is that kids don't know all the technical details that surround photography. The age of the kid you're buying a camera for depends greatly on what camera is best for them. Here are some tips to help you figure out which camera is best.

Age is a Factor

You want to nourish your child's artistic abilities but at the same time their age is a factor in what you should buy. Your kid's maturity level will determine which camcorder is best for them because it will affect how they will take care of it. If your child is immature and does not take care of their things very well then you should opt for a cheaper camera so the financial loss won't be too great if it's lost or damaged. With that in mind, you should also look for a camera that's been designed for kids. That means that the camera body has been designed to absorb the shock accidental drops.

You also want a camera that has automatic controls because the science of exposure might be a little hard for them to master. After all, you're trying to nurture an interest, not intimidate them. 

Buy Used

If your child is mature enough to take care of a camera properly but may not have a huge interest in videography then consider buying them a used camcorder. You can buy an older camcorder that has more advanced settings than the basic ones on the market that do everything automatically. Buying a used camera has the advantage of not costing that much money. The disadvantage is that it is more likely to break than a new one and is no longer covered under the manufacturers warranty.

You should buy a refurbished camera from an authorized dealer that has some kind of limited warranty backed by them just in case a problem arises due to mechanical failure.

Get Your Kids an Editing Program

The best way for your children's interest in videography to grow is to get them a basic editing program so they can play with the footage they shot. Here they can see what they're doing that works and what doesn't. They can make their own movies and upload them to the internet to share with the world. Who knows? You might be raising the next Steven Speilberg.

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