Buying a Canon Powershot Digital Camera: Different Models

A Canon Powershot digital camera is one of the most popular models of digital cameras available. This is probably because all Powershot models have an excellent reputation for quality and features. There are several different models in the Powershot range which can make choosing the right one confusing.

These different models will have various different features which you will need to compare in order to make the right decision. Different models will suit different types of photographers; some of them are compact models, while others are much larger and have more sophisticated features.

Canon Powershot A480

The Canon Powershot A480 is a fairly basic digital camera which is available in a number of different colors including red, silver, blue and black. This has a 10 Mega Pixel resolution and 3.3x zoom to create high quality and interesting images.

The A480 uses 2 AA batteries which makes the camera slightly bigger than some other compact cameras. This also means that there is no charger included with the camera, however, it should be possible to use rechargeable AA batteries if you prefer. One advantage of AA batteries is that they can be brought easily from anywhere in case you ever run out of power. This camera is compatible with SD, MMC and SDHC cards.

Canon Powershot D10

The Powershot D10 is a durable camera which is waterproof to a depth of 33 feet. It can also withstand temperatures between 14 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The camera itself sports a 12.1 Mega Pixel sensor, which makes it possible to create poster sized prints in high quality.

The D10 uses a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery which means it includes a charger to fuel the batteries when they are running low. Spare batteries can be purchased to extend the time the camera can be used for. The battery is removed from the camera for charging, which makes charging a spare battery very simple. Image stabilizing and blink detection features are also included to make the most of your photos.

Canon Powershot SX1IS

This is a very advanced camera which looks very similar to some DSLR cameras. It has a 10 Mega Pixel CCD and 20x optical zoom. The camera also features image stabilization to ensure that all your photos are good quality and not blurred.

The SX1IS supports SD, MMC and SDHC memory cards. It also has a HD video mode which can record videos in 1920x1080 resolution. The 2.8" LCD screen can be angled and revolved, which makes reviewing your images very easy.

Canon Powershot SX120IS

The Powershot SX120IS is a large size compact camera which features a 10 Mega Pixel sensor. 10x Optical Zoom and face recognition technology ensure all of your photos are high quality. A 3" TFT LCD screen makes reviewing your photos very easy. The camera supports SD and SDHC memory cards.

Canon Powershot SX210IS

The Canon Powershot SX210IS is available in a wide range of different colors including black, purple and gold. This features full manual control and is also capable of recording videos in high definition which can then be saved onto a high capacity SD card.

Choosing the Best Powershot Camera

When looking at the different powershot digital cameras available, there's no right or wrong answer. The different cameras are suitable for different types of photographers, and you will need to consider this in order to choose the best camera for your needs.

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