Buying a Camera on Ebay? How to Avoid Scams

These days most people shop online because they find it very convenient. EBay is the world's largest online marketplace for hard-to find items, bargains, and rare, brand new or used items. Because of the huge selection of things that can be found for sale on eBay, a lot of members have discovered that eBay is one of the best places to comparison shop.

In EBay, you will meet both honest and dishonest people, just as you'll encounter in the real world. There are lots of scams going on in the Internet nowadays. It's best to take some actions to ensure you don't get ripped off.

To avoid a scam you should:

Check the Seller's Feedback Section

This is easy and best technique if you want to become involved in a transaction with this seller. If seller has a positive feedback rating of 98% or better and has a very large volume of sales, the seller is reliable. Be very suspicious of a feedback rating as low as 90%. Having a negative feedback by the buyer can be a strong hint of problematic sellers or a fraudulent seller.  

Use Pay Pal for payment

Using Pay Pal is the most popular, easier and safer online payment service because this is owned by eBay.

Avoid using Wire Transfer

Be cautious of using wire transfer like Western Union as mode of payment. If sellers insist it, then, no doubt it's a scam. EBay does not recommend their buyers to use wire transfers.

Price Evaluation

Consider the price of the camera when purchasing. If the price is too good to be true, it just might be. You can find great discounts on eBay, but if you're finding extreme discounts for no clear reason, then something might be wrong.

Check Sold Items

If the seller has listed only one item, which is the camera you want to buy, and zero sold items, don't ever bother to make a deal.

Read Descriptions Carefully

When buying a camera in EBay, read carefully the description of the camera you are going to buy such as dimension, features, mega-pixel and the accessories that are included in the box.

Communicate with the Seller

You can ensure the seller is real if you communicate with the seller via EBay. It is risky to deal with a seller if you email outside of an EBay account.

Additional Precise Pictures

Ask for additional precise pictures of the camera that aren't shown in the listing. If the seller refuses because they are busy at the moment, they might be looking to scam you.

Overseas Transaction

Be cautious of purchasing a camera outside your local country. You should always keep in mind that overseas transactions will incur additional shipping charges. Make sure you know the cost of the item, along with the freight cost.

These are top ways to avoid scams when buying a camera. Use your best judgement. If you feel unsure about the seller, don't bid on it. Just use your common sense, and a reasonable amount of caution, and everything should run smoothly.

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