8 Things to Mention when Selling your Used Camera

When selling a used camera, there are important things to mention to catch a buyer's interest. Follow these simple steps to help  you attract buyers.

1. Exact Details of the Camera

Ensure that the make, model and detailed features of the camera, such as megapixels, resolution, size, weight, design, and battery life are listed first. If you are not familiar with the features of the camera, do some research. Its very important to know the details of the camera you are selling. Include as much features in your ad as possible to reduce the number of questions you receive, and make sure that any potential buyers you have are seriously interested.

2. The Camera's Condition

The condition of the camera is very important. Ensure that you state the condition of the camera to help avoid subsequent arguments. Be honest about the camera's condition. Never say that it is in good condition if there are scratches, breaks or blemishes. 

3. A Picture of the Camera

Adding picture is a great idea to attract buyers. Take good quality pictures in different angles. Make sure the  camera is thoroughly clean. Use a plain background, and emphasize the camera's brand. As much as possible, don't use store photos, as that's not showing what your actual item looks like. Seeing the real item you're selling gives buyer more assurance.

When the item has scratches, take-up close photograph. The more images you put up in the ad, the more buyers will be confident in spending money on your used camera.

4. Price of the Camera

Include the price of the camera in the ad. Be sure to check first the market cost of the camera before posting a price of your used camera. Camera prices are depreciating every month. When selling a used camera, it must be lower than the brand new one to get rid of the item fast.

5. Shipping Cost

Indicate the shipping cost if the buyer is overseas or if it requires shipment cost. 

6. Reason for Selling

State the reasons of selling your camera. Some buyers would like to know why you are selling your used camera.

7. Date of Purchase

Customer wants to know when was the camera was purchased. Be honest and mention the exact age of the camera.

8. Contact Details

Mention your contact numbers in the ad. Interested buyers prefer to make a call to ask further questions. Be sure to put the right contact number. Be confident in answering the phone when talking to a potential buyer. Thank the interested buyer for showing interest in your ad.

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