7 Tips for Selling Your Camera on Ebay

People who have recently upgraded their camera may be interested in selling their old one on eBay. EBay is often one of the quickest and simplest ways of selling all sorts of personal belongings, including cameras. If you are interested in selling your camera on eBay, then there are a number of things that you can do to improve your chances of getting a great price for your camera.

1. Use Keywords

When selling anything on eBay, it's important to take time to understand exactly how the site works. Although it is possible to browse categories, most people will search by using keywords. You must spend time carefully choosing the right keywords that you want to use to sell your camera. This will make it much easier for people to find the camera that you are selling.

Carefully choose the keywords that you are using. Include the brand name and any common misspellings which will make it much easier for people to find the camera you're selling. If you're selling a Canon camera for example, you might also want to include Cannon as a common misspelling.

2. Include Real Photos

Although all cameras of the same model look the same, it's important to put real photographs of your actual camera on your eBay listing. This is so important because it will allow people to take a look at the actual condition of the camera. It will also allow these people to check that you are actually in possession of the camera.

Include multiple photos so that people can get a good sense of the condition of the camera.

3. Write the Description

The description needs to be packed full of lots of useful information. The description should reveal everything that someone looking to buy a camera like yours would want to know. Bear in mind the common questions people might ask and try to answer them ahead of time.

4. Free or Affordable Shipping

One of the biggest turn offs when shopping on eBay for many people is high shipping costs. Although it can seem tempting to try and make some extra money by abusing the shipping costs, this isn't actually what you should do. Either make the shipping free or set it to a fair reasonable rate so that people aren't put off bidding.

5. Be Honest

You must make sure that you are completely honest when writing your auction listing. If the camera isn't in perfect condition, then don't try to make people believe that it is. This might allow you to get a higher price to start off with, however, it will make returns much more of an issue.

6. Answer Questions Quickly

No matter how thoroughly you prepare your auction listing, people will always have questions that they want to ask. When people do ask questions, you must reply as quickly as possible. Also, tick the small box which posts the answers of these questions onto the bottom of the auction listing; this will help people who are asking the same questions.

7. Keep the Customer Satisfied

Dispatch the camera as quickly as possible and do everything you promise. Make sure you get a tracking number when shipping the camera so that you can trace it should anything go wrong.

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