6 Things to Look for when Buying a Used Camera

Buying a used camera can save you some money, if you do it right. If you buy a great working camera, then you got a great deal. But, if you got an old, beat up camera that is steps away from dying, then you're pretty much throwing your money away. You can't really tell the quality of a used camera by just looking at it. You need to examine it thoroughly and here's how:

1. Check the Connections

Memory card slots and plug connections are always the first thing to go on camera because they're used so frequently. A lot of the times people quickly plug in and out and this can cause ware and tear damage on the connections. When looking at the used camera, test out the connections and see how firmly the cables stay in. Not all problems are visible, and you might want to physically test it out on a monitor to see if the slightest movement can make the difference between a working connector.

2. SLR Lenses

SLR camera lenses are changable and if the camera was used a lot, the lock for the lens can wear down and become weak. Test it out before you buy it to make sure the lens stays firmly in place.

3. Shoe Adapter

Because the shoe is used a lot for attachments, like flashes, it can also be worn down. When people are working, they need to be fast and this can cause some damage. Not major damage, just weakened connections that get worse as time goes on.

4. LCD Screen

Examine the screen to see if its damaged. Make sure it works properly and is a true representation of what is being seen. You don't want it to look one way on the screen and then a different way on your computer when you upload the images.

5. Image Sensor

Take a few pictures on the camera and transfer them to a computer to make sure the image sensor is working properly. If not, then the used camera is not worth buying.

6. Scratches

Make sure the outside of the camera does not look beat up or people will think of you as the camera man who shoots with old junk. Likewise, examine the lenses for scratches because that will affect your photos.

Buying Refurbished

Some manufacturers and stores offer refurbished cameras. These cameras have been fixed up by professionals and some of them come with limited warranties. You might want to opt for these because any major problems have been examined by a pro. And, if they were wrong, you can get your money back.

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