6 Reasons to Use External Hard Drives

External hard drives connect to your computer using either USB or Firewire connections. These hard drives are affordable and a great way to share files on computers. There are a number of advantages and reasons why people might want to use external hard drives.

Buying external hard drives is very easy. They can be found in many computer stores and are also very easy to use. These are connected to your computer and should be detected automatically.

1. Large Capacities

The advantage of external hard drives compared to flash drives is that they are available in much larger capacities. It's possible to choose an external hard drive which is 1TB (1000 GB) in size or larger. Video files are very large in size which makes it important to ensure you're choosing an external hard drive which has plenty of space available.

2. High Speed

External hard drives connected with Firewire will work at very high speeds. This makes it easy to copy large files quickly to your hard drive. Hard drives with high RPM speeds will make it possible to work faster.

A normal USB external hard drive may not be suitable for video editing because it will work too slowly. This will make it difficult to use it for video editing. It's impossible to wait a long time for large video files to be copied to and from your external hard drive. That's why you should always choose one which has a firewire connection.

3. Portability

One of the best things about external hard drives is that they are portable. This makes it really easy to carry them around with you. They can be plugged into any computer and will be supported instantly without needing to install any drivers. While firewire isn't common many drives support both firewire and USB connections for convenience.

Choosing a drive which uses a laptop hard drive will be much smaller. A desktop hard drive is much larger and won't be as portable. Laptop hard drives are also designed to cope with transport and shocks.

4. Extra Space

If your computer is lacking space then video editing will be difficult. It's possible to have several different hard drives which you can use for different projects.

5. Easy to Use

External hard drives are very easy to use. USB and firewire devices are automatically detected as soon as they are plugged into any computer. They are automatically supported on Windows and Apple mac computers. As soon as you plug the drive in it will be displayed as a drive on your computer. This makes it possible to treat it exactly like it was an internal drive fitted inside your computer.

6. Flexibility

External hard drives are very flexible and can be brought in different capacities. It's also possible to purchase an empty enclosure for your hard drive which can then be fitted with any size of hard drive.

External hard drives make using a computer to store video files much easier. Anyone who uses a desktop computer for photo editing will find that an external hard drive will make their task much easier.

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