6 Reasons To Sell Your Old Digital Camcorder

Digital camcorder technology continually progresses. To keep up with the latest innovations, you may want to consider replacing your old camcorder with a new one.  

By selling your old camcorder, you can recoup some of your original cost to use towards the purchase of a new one. The following are some reasons to help you decide if you want to sell your old digital camcorder.

1. Out of Date

You may want to sell your camcorder if you purchased your digital camcorder at their inception into the market. Older models can be larger and more difficult to use and they may not be compatible with current video editing software.

2. Camcorder Size

Just like all electronics, camcorders have become smaller over the years. If your camera is on the larger size it could be inconvenient to handle and transport.

3. Megapixels

The amount of megapixels offered is important with both digital camcorders and cameras. The higher the megapixels, the higher the quality of the images taken will be. You may want to sell your old camcorder if the megapixels are lower than 6.

4. Optical Zoom

Typical optical zoom levels are 10 times to 20 times on digital camcorders. Selling your old camcorder could be a good idea if you are looking for a higher optical zoom.

5. Recording Media Type

Most new digital camcorders will record on a memory card or mini DVD. Some other options such as Mpeg or AVI can also be features on newer models. You may want to consider selling your old camcorder if you want more recording type options.

6. Battery Life

Ideally your digital camcorder should have a long battery life. Camcorders often come with rechargeable batteries, however over time their effectiveness can diminish and will require replacement. You can sell your camcorder and upgrade to one that uses lithium ion batteries which can give better performance.

Selling Tips

Before placing your digital camcorder for sale make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned and is fully operational. Make any inexpensive fixes as needed.

You also need to check if you have all of the necessary accessories for the unit as it will be easier to sell the camcorder if it is sold as a set including the accessories. Find the owner's manual to include in the set as well. The accessories to include are those that came with the camcorder when it was purchased and any additional items that you have purchased.

To determine the price to ask for your digital camcorder, do a search of your specific make and model of the camcorder on a website such as eBay or Craig's List. This will allow you to learn the going rate for your model. You can then price your camcorder slightly lower to make your offering more desirable.

Postings that include pictures of your camcorder and all of the accessories also can increase your chance of making a sale.

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