6 Easy Steps for Photographing Your Camera

If you're photographing your camera, then it's pretty safe to assume that you're planning to sell it. While the ultimate maker or breaker is going to be the quality of the product (the camera and all its functions), people are sometimes hesitant to buy used equipment because they're afraid it's going to be beat up. Why not put their worries at ease by showing them photos of your camera? Here are 6 steps to make sure it looks great.

1. Treat as Product Photography

The first step is to go into this with the right attitude. Advertisers take a lot of care in making sure that the photos of their products are the best they can be. You need to adopt this mentality. Your photo is your sales tool. A prospective buyer only cares about the model and condition. Prove that you took excellent care of your camera by showing it in all its glory.

2. Get a Location

Although your equipment is used, you don't want to present it like that. The biggest fear your potential buyer has is that your gear is beat up and will break soon. Shooting it in a place that someone immediately recognizes as your house reinforces their fears. Not only that, but you also don't want a background that takes attention away from your product. Be creative and find an attractive place or if you need to make one, then do it. 

3. Find a Great Angle

As a general rule, things look better at a slight angle instead of looking at it dead on. Just look at car ads. Since your gear is used, one side might look better than the other because of normal wear and tear. You probably don't want the side with a scratch to be prominent. So, pick the most attractive angle to do this.

4. Put All The Accessories You're Going to Sell with the Camera in the Photograph

If you have any accessories you plan to sell with the camera, then you should include them in the photo. Everyone loves to feel like they're getting a deal and this is one way to make them happy. 

5. Light It

Great lighting always makes things look better and product photography is no exception. If you own lights, then spend some time using them to make your used camera look as professional and reputable as possible. People feel more comfortable buying used gear from a professional who knows how to take care of his stuff. Communicate that with your photo.

6. Take Multiple Shots

Don't take just one shot and consider yourself done. Take a lot of shots from different angles, and at the end of the day, go through them and pick out the very best to show as photographs of your camera.

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