5 Uses for your Old Digital Camera

So, after saving some money or taking out some credit, you bought that new digital camera you wanted. You did your research and got the best one possible. It's currently number one on the market and you're excited to use it. After testing it out, a thought you didn't consider before pops into you head: what are you going to do with your old camera?

1. Sell It

Your old camera has got to be worth something to somebody. Odds are that if you're serious about photography, your old camera probably isn't that old. Sell it now while it's still worth something and use that money to help pay off your new camera or get some accessories with it. Keep in mind that technology is always improving and what's new and exciting today will be old and boring tomorrow. Selling it now will get you more money then selling it next year.

2. Give It to a Friend or Relative

Maybe you don't have a use for it and you don't want the money from selling it. You can give the camera away to a friend or a relative. There could be someone young in your life that has an interest in photography. Nourish that interest by giving him a good, used camera to learn with. Or, maybe your friend's camera just recently broke. You can be a good buddy by giving him your old one.

3. Donate It

Maybe you don't know anyone who would use your camera and maybe selling it is too much of a hassle. You can donate the camera to charity. It's easy to drop it off and you can write it off on your taxes. Who knows? Maybe a little kid would buy it and someday grow up to become a great artist, all because you donated your old camera.

4. Keep It as a Back Up

You might not be sure of how much you're going to like your camera. Or, you could make a living out of photography and want to keep the old camera as a back up. Who knows what could happen in the future, but if something bad happens at least you won't be cameraless. After all, it costs money to buy this stuff and you don't want anything to stop you from going to work.

5. Use It as a Decoration

Maybe you've been through a lot with your camera and don't want to get rid of it. You can put it on a shelf and treat it like a trophy if you're proud of it.

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