5 Things To Know When Getting Custom Frames

Custom frames are good for photos or works of art that are not a standard size or shape. Custom framing by a professional also gives the items you are framing a clean and polished look.

The following are some tips on what to know when getting custom frames.

1. What to Bring to the Framer

It is important to bring the item to be framed to the custom framer. The size of the item being framed is a factor in the cost of custom framing and allowing the framer to give you an estimate. Accurate measurements are also important for completing your framing project correctly. If your item is valuable, get a professional estimate of its value before taking it to the framer. This can also determine how your item is handled and framed.

Custom framers appreciate any examples you give them on framing techniques that you like. These examples can be found in books about framing, magazines, art books or museum websites. Bring the examples with you, as they will help the framer know what type of look you want to achieve. If you are clear about your needs it will help the framer accomplish what you want.

2. Framing Options

Your custom framer will go over different mounting types that will suit the item you are framing best. The most common type is a window mat. This type is ideal for flat items such as photos, paintings and fabric art such as cross stitch or embroidery.

The mat is cut in a shape that matches the frame's shape and is placed around the edge or on top of flat items to be framed. The color and/or pattern are chosen to complement the item that is being framed. More than one mat can be used and a depth of 2 mats is recommended to keep the glass in the frame from touching the item framed.

3. Other Framing Options

Your framer will go over other framing options that will work for your item. These may include archival framing, types of glass, and the color and design of the frame. Keep in mind that each option has a price assigned to it and can drive the price up.

4. Know Your Limit

Decide on your budget before meeting with a framer. Ask them what options will fit your budget and if there are any specials or discounts available. Many craft stores will have coupons in the Sunday paper for framing, which can help you meet your budget. Expect to pay the full amount of your order up front.

5. Completion Time

Custom frame orders can take up to two weeks to complete depending on the complexity of your order. If you need something right away, ask the framer if there is any way to expedite the service and if there is any additional cost involved. For holiday gifts, make sure to give the framer extra time to complete your order due to the busy season.

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