5 Reasons to Buy a Macro Lens

The expense is a major factor to consider before you buy a macro lens. Deciding to spend the extra money for a lens with a single focal length will come after several considerations.

1 - Personal Interest

Macro shots can occasionally be simulated with cheaper equipment than a whole new lens. So only make the investment if you are really interested in close-up photography. Nature offers an abundance of excellent macro subject matter. Many shots can be found by simply walking around your yard. These lenses allow you to capture the world in a new perspective which should excite you.

2 - Professional Interest

The marketing world has a huge demand for macro photography. Shooting small items on a table top can sustain a photographer's income. Doing this on a regular basis with a normal lens will not only become a huge headache very soon, but will also create lower quality images than a macro lens would. Due to the physical drawbacks of a normal lens, you will not be able to get as close a shot as you would like and the images will not come out as sharp. Macro lenses overcome these drawbacks.

3 - Macro Mode is not Macro

Do not be fooled by the macro setting on your zoom lens. No zoom lens will not be able to focus as close as necessary in order to get a true macro shot. The reason is in the physics of the lens. The glass elements in normal lenses are all at fixed distances from each other and all move together as your focus in or out. This build has its limits as far as focus range is concerned. In macro lenses, some elements float apart from the other elements which opens up the realm of possibility in the focus department.

4 - Difficulties with Normal Lenses

Aside from the minimum focus issue, normal lenses will have trouble with a close up shot. When taking such tight shots, a small aperture is preferred in order to increase depth of field. But normal lenses will not respond well to the pinhole. Not only will you lose sharpness due to the extra light bouncing around inside the barrel, but you will also lose exposure. You can learn how to compensate for the loss of light, but macro lenses will avoid these problems all together.

5 - Photography Expertise

One side effect of owning a macro lens is everything that you will learn as you use it. When photographing such small subject matter, every element of photography becomes enhanced. So as you shoot you are forced to really think about the balance between shutter speed, aperture, lighting and framing. Though all these relationships always play a part in photography, they are much more delicate in macro photography. Becoming familiar with them in their most intense form will lead to greater awareness throughout your work.

A macro lens is a big investment, but there are many reasons to spend the extra money. Macro lenses offer a unique perspective that cannot otherwise be captured.

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