5 Different Types of Modern Frames for Your Photos

Modern frames are a great way to display your most cherished photos. Modern frames provide a simple yet classy look for your photos, whether they are photos of loved ones or vacation photos. These frames can be placed on a coffee table or hung on a wall. There are a few different types of modern frames to compliment your home or office style. 

1. The ALUMA Architek frame

This frame comes in two varieties: the Agency version and the Fine Art version. The agency is made with a single acrylic layer that presses the actual photo against the base which is aluminum. This lets you frame your photos quickly and easily. You are also able to frame various sizes in the same frame.

The Fine Art version is made with a pre-cut clear acrylic matte. This stops the top acrylic layer from touching the photo directly and adds depth to the photo. Each frame comes with a clear sheet of Mylar backing. 

2. Metal Frames

Metal picture frames provide durability and are versatile. These are the most popular modern photo frames. They go with just about anything, and you can choose from a large variety from formal to simple. You can get them in any type of metal material or metal finish. Metal photo frames can be bought in sterling silver, brass, chrome or pewter. When you are uncertain about matching a good frame with your photo, getting a metal photo frame will always be the safest choice. Metal photo frames go with any photo and still add a classy style.

3. Wood Photo Frames

Wood frames or solid wood photo frames come with a matte finish and are perfect for your home of office. They can be hung on a wall or they can free stand on a table or desk. The photos for these frames can be easily interchanged by simply lifting the tabs on the back of the frame, placing the new photo on the glass, and replacing the backing to the inserted photo. 

4. Cloth or Padded Photo Frames

Cloth frames give you the advantage of having your frame match any room d├ęcor. You can make your own cloth frames or purchase them already made. They can fit any room mood or theme. There is no sewing involved in cloth frames. You simply glue the fabric to the frame. You can also decorate the fabric with embroidery stitches, or you can glue on decorations. 

5. Modern Digital Photo Frame

A modern digital photo frame shows you a series of your photos by storing them. The photos continuously change or cycle. They will display your photos the way you want them to be displayed. Digital photo frames look like miniature computer screens. They are also capable of displaying more than photos. They are able to support music and video file formats. You may be able to even get e-book file displays. A digital photo frame is great for multiple photos, and comes with a supporting stand.

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