4 Reasons to Sell your Old Digital Camera

If you bought a new digital camera then odds are you're never going to use the old one again. You may be tempted to keep it as a back up but the chances are great that you won't ever need it again. If you did your research and bought a high quality new camera then odds are it won't break down. It's also much superior to the old camera. All that old camera is going to do now is collect dust. You might as well make some money out of it instead. Here are 4 reasons to sell your old digital camera:

1. Everyone You Know Has a Better Camera Already

You might be tempted to give the old camera away to a loved one or a friend. This is fine if you're feeling generous, but if they already have a great digital camera, then what's the point? They might be polite and take it, but if they already have a better camera, then all it would be to them is junk. They'll either throw it away or sell it.

2. There's an Accessory You Want to Buy

Whither it's a lens, case or filter; camera accessories cost money. Your old camera might be worth something so why not sell it now to pay for your new toys. Take that old asset and turn it into something new that will last into the future.

3. There Is Still Demand For It

Technology becomes outdated so quickly. Your old camera is going to be worth more today then it will be a year from now. All it's going to do is lose value, so sell it now while you could get the most you can.

If you wait, then the next opportunity to sell it might be when it's considered an antique, and even then, you'll probably get more money for it now. Plus, you'll have to wait a long, long time for that situation to happen.

4. If Something Breaks, the Camera Will Become Worthless

Let's say you can sell it now for $100, but decide to keep it. You let it sit on the shelf for a few months and pick it up one day to find out the LCD screen is broken through no fault of your own. It costs over $100 to fix it, more than the camera is worth, plus you never use it. So you end up throwing it out, cursing that you didn't sell when you had the chance.

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