Will a Degree Help Me in Advertising Photography

Advertising photography is a competitive field where performance determines how successful you'll be. Having a degree in advertising, photography or anything else isn't necessary to establish a career. While that piece of paper alone won't help you too much, the experiences you get from earning it will be very valuable.


The thing that will bring your career success is a portfolio and school is a great place to start building that. Classroom assignments are designed to teach you the processes of photography and advertising. Practice makes perfect in this or any other craft. You'll learn from the mistakes you make in the classes and improve your work. Access to your school's resources of support and equipment gives you the tools you need to excel. Also, the confidence gained from producing your own work in a classroom environment will help you after you graduate when you have to build up your portfolio on your own.

Is a Degree Worth the Cost?

The downside about school is that it's very expensive, but if you do your research you can find a school that's within your budget. Make sure you check the reputation of the schools you're interested in, and find out who their alumni are. Always visit the school before you decide if you're going to go there. Find out who's in their faculty. You want teachers that have real life experience instead of ones who have spent their whole adult lives either in school or working at a school. 

A degree can only take you so far. Ultimately, your success is up to you.

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