Why You Should Have a Wedding Photography Apprentice

Wedding photography is a great way to make some extra money. If you have started your own wedding photography business, you may benefit by hiring an apprentice.

An apprentice is someone who shadows you at your wedding gigs and helps you complete your projects. You are responsible for showing them the ropes of the wedding photography business, as well as how to take great photographs.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Computer
  • The Internet
  • Newspaper

Step 1 - Understanding the Benefits of an Apprentice

An apprentice is similair to an intern, in this case training to be a wedding photographer. Undertaking an apprentice can be beneficial to your business, because as they learn from you, they also act as your assistant. An apprentice may not yet have the skills required to take photos by themselves, but they can help you move equipment, set up for shots, and interact with the clientele. 

Step 2 - Giving Something Back

Another great aspect of hiring an apprentice is that you give someone the opportunity to improve their life. Without having undergone an apprenticeship, it's very difficult to break into the world of wedding photography. This is a catch 22 situation, you need experience to land jobs, but can't get experience unless you've worked various jobs. This is especially important for weddings. Because the wedding day is a one time event, no couple will hire someone without a portfolio.

By hiring someone as an apprentice, you give them the opportunity to build up their portfolio and add experience to their resume. You probably trained under a mentor at one point in your career, so why not provide someone else the opportunity to do the same?

Step 3 - Finding an Apprentice

There are several ways to find an apprentice. You can advertise the vacancy on the internet, in local newspapers. or on a flyer. You should offer the apprentice payment, but less than you would give a normal assistant because they are underqualified, and you are providing them with important on the job training.

Step 4 - Finding out How Much to Pay

One of the most confusing things about hiring an apprentice is understanding how much you should pay them. Nobody is going to work for free, even if you provide them fantastic experience. The best way to figure out their pay is to look at similar job listings. You can also call other established photographers and ask their advice on the matter.

Step 5 - Interviewing

By now you have a list of applicants. Read through their resumes and decide on a short list. Contact these applicants, and invite them for an interview. Keep in mind that these people are not professional photographers. Use these interviews as an opportunity to find out about their personality and demeanor, as well as their photographic abilities. The right apprentice will be a real asset to your photography business. Ideally. it's a win-win situation for both parties.

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