Why Buy Used Darkroom Photography Equipment?

If you an aspiring photographer, you know how expensive darkroom photography equipment can be. When working with a limited budget, it is difficult to purchase the materials and equipment necessary to create your own darkroom. Luckily you can purchase used darkroom photography equipment. Follow this guide to learn what you need to do.

Materials You Will Need

  • Pen and Paper
  • Classifieds Ads

Step 1 - Determine Your Budget

Consider your income and determine your budget. Write a full list of all the equipment and tools necessary to purchase for your dark room. Allocate a budget constraint around each of these items. The good news is that when you purchase used darkroom equipment, you can buy more for your money. Equipment loses monetary value right after the first use, but could still serve as quality equipment. You will reap the benefits from purchasing used equipment.

Step 2 - Find Store and Company Closings

On your quest for purchasing used darkroom photography equipment, look for anyone that may be closing up shop because they are retiring or because they cannot sustain themselves in the business. Again, aside from the fact that you will save some money, you will have an opportunity to network with someone else that was in the business. You can learn a lot from another person's mistakes. Pay attention to what they have to say.

Step 3 - Find Trade-Up Situations

Some photographers are constantly purchasing new and better equipment for their studio. Since you are just starting out, you are looking to take what you can get for your budget. Find these companies or individuals on online classified ads or on online auction sites. They often explain in the ad that they are simply clearing space to make room for new equipment. This is again a fantastic contact to make in the business. These are the types of companies and people you want to start to associate with. A great advantage to buying a piece of used equipment from people who are trade-up buyers is that you get to see the newest technology, and you get to speak to someone that purchases and uses the best equipment they can find.

Step 4 - Sign Up for Trade Magazines

Not only can you get great tips and wonderful up-to-date information by reading photography trade magazines, but companies frequently advertise their obsolete or used equipment for sale in the classifieds section. You benefit in two ways: first, you will keep control over your budget; and second, you will now receive information from a magazine that is written by like-minded people.

Step 5 - Use and Recycle

As a beginner, purchasing used technology is advantageous.You save money, and when you are ready to trade up, you can recycle your equipment by offering it for free, donating it or reselling it again to another novice!

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