What to Shoot for Event Photography?

Event photography can be an exciting and action-packed profession. Going on location and spending time on the road is not only therapeutic, but it is also a lot of fun. Here is a list of things that you can think about photographing during events ranging from weddings or parties to football games.

Camera and Accessories

Before you head out on an event photography shoot, you should put together all your camera and accessories. Load everything into a secure camera bag, and separate some of the delicate pieces in the bag pockets. Be sure to load up with extra memory cards, batteries and chargers. You can never be too careful or too prepared when going on an event or on location shoot.


A wedding is a great event to photograph. It is filled with happy and fun loving people. Moments of joy and excitement and the occasional happy tear can be put into perspective with your camera. While at the wedding, remember to shoot the first kiss, the entrance of the bride and groom, the cutting of the cake and the toss of the bouquet. Also take posed photos of family and the wedding party as the client requests. The options and opportunities are endless at a wedding.

Sporting Event

How about taking on the task of shooting a sporting event? Do not forget your press pass! You will need it to get into the facility. Take close ups, take pictures of fans. Make sure you take the moments of happiness and joy. Take photographs that show the desperation or even the determination on the player's face. Take photographs of the referees or of the coaches' reactions. The moments and the opportunities at a sporting event are so many that it is often hard to capture every unique moment.

Family Gathering

What is more rewarding than being able to go on location and take meaningful photographs of a family gathering. The family gathering maybe to celebrate a baby's first birthday. You may be on location to capture the moments of a 50th wedding anniversary. How about a family reunion? Imagine how you may feel if you were to take photos of family members that had not seen nor been with each other for many years. There are so many great facial expressions that can be captured and the joy and fun that everyone is having is a priceless memory that you can deliver as an event photographer.

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