What to Look for in an Art Photographer

Finding an art photographer can be a very tricky process. It is much easier to find an art photographer online than it is to find an art photographer in person, but it is all to easy to get scammed online, as well. You should look for an art photographer that has a degree from an accredited school, has experience in the art photography field, and can provide references from past customers.

1. Degree

Some art photographers are self taught, but most will have a degree. Having a degree in art photography is great, but having a degree in photography will do. When you are looking for an art photographer, you should ask the art photographer to provide proof that he has a photography degree from a school that is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

2. Experience

Art photography is a complex field, so the art photographer that you hire should have art photography experience. You should ask any art photographer that you are considering hiring to provide a portfolio. The portfolio should contain at least 50 or so art photos. All pictures in the art photographer's portfolio should be proofs that have his or her personal or business name on the photo.

3. References

Any good art photographer will have no problem providing you with previous customer references. Of course, hiring a talented and experienced art photographer is important, but it is also important that the art photographer be easy to work with. By being able to check the art photographer's customer references, you can find out just how good the art photographer is.