What Makes Food Photography Different?

Food photography include 3 distinct domains. The first deals with the editorial photographic opportunities surrounding food. The second, more technical, deals with the packaging. The third type is called advertising food photography and includes shooting for menus, brochures, food ads and even billboards.

Rules and Regulations

In some of the food photography sub categories, there are many rules and regulations. For example, in editorial photography, there are specifications for lighting that must be followed by different manufacturers. In addition, sometimes it is necessary to weigh and count the number of items in the photograph.

Food Photography Is Team-Oriented

Many types of photography can be handled by one person, but that usually is not the case when dealing with food. When putting together a layout or a bunch of photographs of food and plates of food, you will find that there are many different people involved. You (the photographer) are responsible for making sure the subject (food, plate, packaging) looks perfect for the photographic opportunity. There are usually 5 to 8 different people involved in a food photography team.

Instill Happiness

Your job is to take a great photo, but you must also make sure the entire photography team is happy and content. You must involve them all in aspects of lighting, layout and some of the additional or special effects used during the shoot. This can be the most time consuming and frustrating part of the job for a photographer who thinks he will be able to work by himself.


Lighting is the most important aspect of taking a great photograph of food. You must understand how to apply lighting to your subject to highlight aspects that will make it the most appealing.

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